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Our Mission

The purpose of this website is to provide up to date information on ATV trails.  Where to ride, what are the trails like, how difficult are the trails and local information about the area.  This website is created by ATVer for ATVer's.

About Us

Welcome to Rocky Mountain ATV Trails.  I hope that you will find the information that you are looking for.  Check back often, I will be updating this site often.  Email your suggestions to Webmaster,

I am an avid outdoorsmen that collects information about everything.  I have two file cabinets and one orange box full of travel information.  I love to ATV ride, Fish, Tie Fly's, camp, photography, snowmobile, geocacher and anything else in the outdoors. 

I have lived in Utah my whole life.  I am married with three kids and one dog.  I own three ATV's, a travel trailer and pickup truck.  I put one ATV in the back of the pickup and pull two ATV's behind the travel trailer in an ATV trailer.  My wife and girls aren't as avid about the outdoors as I am but they go with me.  My two daughters love to ride ATV's and my 4 year old son loves to ride also. 

I used to own 2 snowmobiles but when my friends sold them I did to.  I have found that ATV riding in the winter out in the west desert is a lot of fun, especially when there is a foot of snow.  Diging out an ATV is alot harder than a snowmobile though.   My latest hobby is photography.  I it something that go along great with ATV riding. 


Why Create A Website

I love to search for places to ATV ride and have collected a lot of information on the subject.  It is hard to find all the information you need on one website, at one land management agency or a few maps.  People have told me that I should put this information on the web for people to use, with hopefully one website to go to for information.  If you can add to the information on this website please email me.  With your help we will be able to have one website with all the information about ATV trails that we can all use.  It seems more and more that to get any information on the web you need to pay a fee.  For this reason I am going to try to keep this website's information free.  I am finding out that it takes money to host a website, build it and maintain it.  I am hoping through advertisements and sales to break even.



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